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committees and issues 2023
Prosperity and development

Depending on the committees, the debates will be held in French or English  - These choices are subject to change at the discretion of the ClerMUN Team.

Security Council (one committee in English and one committee in French)


  • How can lasting peace and prosperity for populations in Libya be ensured?


  • What legal framework can be put in place to ensure the export of agricultural goods from war-torn countries?

WHO - World Health Organization (English)


  • How can an efficient medication and care access system be put in place on a global scale?


  • How can an international social-security system concerning health and work-related injuries be put in place?

UNHCR - High Commissioner for Refugees (English)


  • How to guarantee refugees' access to jobs and financial services?

  • How can the protection of refugee children be ensured?

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation (French)


  • What international framework can be put in place regarding the sharing of water between states at the regional scale?


  • How to promote an efficient agricultural and research-focused model to ensure food security on an international scale?

ICJ - International Court of Justice (French)


  • Greece v/ United Kingdom: solemn request regarding the restitution of the Parthenon Frieze held by the British Museum.


  • Turkey v/ Greece: demands in favor of the free exploitation of underwater resources in the Aegean Sea.

ClerMUN- Masillon EBI - Clermont-Ferrand

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