Meet The Team

Direction Team

We coordinate and commission the teams, but also keep them motivated to carry out the project.

Secretary General : Clara DUCHEZ

Deputy Secretaries General: Elisabeth BOUSTANY and Elora MATHIAS 


We are supported by adults:

> Véronique BAYLE - Director of ClerMUN

> Anne FAIDY - Sponsors and  log / event

> Solenne GALICHET - Log / administration referent 

> Laetitia LAURENT - Communication referent

> Philippe VENDRYES - Training advisor.


We take care of the preparation and the ordering of the debates, which constitute the very essence of a MUN.

CHIBRET Jack :                      President of the Security Council

DIDIER Jessica :                      President of the Security Council

PIERRON Nicolas :                 Chair of the UNIDO

GAILLARD Aurore :                Chair of the UNIDO

DELORD Julia :                       Chair of the WTO

BINDE Thomas :                     Chair of the WTO

TISSUT Clément :                   Chair of the FAO

GALINON Gloria :                  Chair of the FAO

FAYOL Zoé :                            Chair of the Historical committee

DESSAIX Mathieu :                 Chair of the Historical committee

SPONSORS and Treasury 

Our objective is to collect funds in order to feed the project and to manage the finances that this generates.

We work together with the logistics team who are always there to help us :) 

We validate the conditions of realization of the project, prepare the event by taking care of registrations and we will ensure the good progress of this first edition of ClerMUN.




We take care of sharing information about the event, ensuring media coverage, and also ensuring good communication between the different teams by acting as a relay throughout the project, before, during and after the event.

USG : PICQ Marie



We take care of the digital tools necessary for the organization and communication of the event, including this website, which will provide you with information on the ClerMUN project and event.



Logistics / eventS

We prepare both the ceremonies related to the event and extra-event tourist or entertainment activities for those participants who want to visit our beautiful region!

USG logistics : BOUSTANY Elizabeth 

USG events : SAILLANT Raphaëlle